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Festungbereich Jersey (The Green Books) Complete

Commonly referred to as the Green Books the Taldische Wersichten der Festungsbereich (Tactical Review of the Fortress Area Jersey) provide an overview of the defences and military infrastructure in Jersey in late 1944. The 319 Divisionskartenstelle (Divisional Cartograpghic Section) were commissioned by Generalleutnant von Schmettow to produce a complete record of the island’s defences. The books consist of survey’s, guides, statistics and illustrations.

The books were taken to the UK by British Troops after the island was liberated in 1945. On 29th October 1947 a incomplete set of these books was presented by the War Office, via the Island's Lieutenant Governor, Sir Edward Grasett, to the Société Jersiaise.

Whilst being a rich resource for Occupation researchers, these books also contain a number of beautiful watercolours and illustrations depicting the island which contrast sharply with the brutality of war and the Occupation.