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Photo Club launches at St Lawrence Primary School

A group of ten talented pupils from St Lawrence Primary School have successfully completed the first ever Société Jersiaise Photo Club.

St Lawrence School name written in alphabetography

What is Photo Club?

Their work marks the beginning of an ambitious project introducing photography to key stage 2 pupils across the island. Working with a different primary school every half-term, the scheme sees pupils exploring important questions involving identity, culture and community. What makes us who we are? How can we express ourselves through photographs and other visual media? Why are archives important in defining communal identity?

How did it go?

The material produced by this first cohort of children has been exemplary. It will be the first set of images going towards a new collection that will be maintained and displayed on our new website for everyone to enjoy. Furthermore, a selection of images from every child taking part will be shown in an annual exhibition at the Jersey Museum every August. Stay tuned for further details.

In the meantime, enjoy the images collected here, and check back regularly for further updates from other schools taking part in the months and years to come.

What happens next?

Who knows what exciting work will be produced by Jersey's children? One thing is for certain: the pupils of St Lawrence Primary School have set the bar very high indeed!

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